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Thanks for visiting our website. At H.A.B.B.I.T.S. we feel that Restaurant Servers and Housekeepers deserve better wages and benefits. Currently there are more than 8 Million Restaurant Servers and 5 Million Housekeepers within the United States of America. Most Restaurant Servers and Housekeepers are females with 60% of them being single mothers. 

Imagine if everyone just donated $4.00 (Four Dollars) monthly towards an Servers / Housekeepers Association. We could hire lobbyists in Washington to help propose and push Bills and Federal Laws improving how Servers and Housekeepers are treated. That could be up to 13 Million Dollars per month to help make necessary changes that you deserve! If you agree and have interest in knowing more about this Restaurant Servers & Housekeeping Association then please contact us via email, phone, mail or fill out the form below. 

Change will never occur until YOU choose to CHANGE!

Show your support towards a good cause that truly will make a difference.
1-877-489-9689 EXT. 3
PO Box 801544 Dallas, TX 75230