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Welcome to our Auction Page to help create funds towards the problems seeking solutions. Below is the EBAY Link to our current auctions listings at this time. We also have products of services listed below for auction where you can email us to submit your current bid before the auction closes. Current Bids on Website Auctions are updated daily.  Thank you for viewing our site and any support you provided through our auctions. 

We also have various items and services listed below for you to bid on. Each Auction listed will last either 7, 10, or 14 days and you will need to submit your bid by emailing us at Please allow up to 24 hours for final current highest bidders to be seen on this page. All Proceeds from Auctions will go directly to our afilliated partners and other causes listed on our Contributions Page**.  Show your support in making a change by your Bid and Good Luck.

**20% of proceeds are deducted for Administrative and Miscellaneous Organization Fees **